Saturday, December 27, 2008

Offensive emails

I can’t continue to delete emails I find offensive without saying anything any longer. I’m incredibly tired of people I know, and that seem to think they know me, assuming that I would find such trash amusing. I’ve never done or said anything to make you think that I’m racist, homophobic, bigoted or harbor ill will toward any race or religious group. But perhaps it’s not something I’ve done or said – maybe it’s something I haven’t done or said. So I’m saying it now – STOP.

I’m going to make this very, very clear and spell it out quite specifically so there’s no confusion. Stop sending me the racist “jokes” and email, the homophobic “jokes” and email, the bigoted “jokes” and email, the emails full of inaccurate and spiteful information regarding Obama or Bush or McCain or anybody else. I don’t want to see another email in my inbox about Muslims or Arabs. No more emails about how stupid all Democrats are or how racist all Republicans are.

Not only do I not share your beliefs, but there are a lot of people in my life that I care very deeply about who are not Protestant straight white men. Shockingly enough there are both Democrats and Republicans in my life and in my family, there are blacks and homosexuals in my life and in my family. I know and love many people from many walks of life. So I find such commentary personally offensive.

No more sexist emails either. In case you’re too stupid to notice – I’m a woman. There’s a big difference between a funny email poking fun at the differences between men and women and a sexist email. And if you’re too stupid to know the difference, err on the side of caution and don’t bother emailing it to me – as a matter of fact, feel free not to email me at all in the future.

If you actually know me, you know I have a sense of humor. The majority of the emails I get are funny or touching, they are not offensive. Don't let this make you all paranoid or afraid to send me anything. If this message is about you, you know it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's official - the house is sold. We got our third buyer a couple of weeks ago and we got her loan confirmation today. And that means it's a done deal. We close on December 30. We still have a lot of stuff to move out and some work to do on it, but we've found the finish line and we're almost there. After two and a half months and three buyers it's finally over!

Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 Deer Season - my first deer!


Whoo-hoo! Got my first deer. Finally...

A couple of years ago, the weather was beautiful during black powder season so I joined Jeremy as a spectator and was with him when he harvested a doe. It got me interested in deer hunting myself. So I took my hunter safety course, bought my own bow and took lessons. So by the fall of 2007 I was ready - and pumped. I went out a lot. I had several opportunities during bow season and missed every time. I was very frustrated and really mad at myself. And then because circumstances conspired against me I was only able to go out a couple of times during rifle season and didn't have a single opportunity. So by the end of 2007's deer season I was just about over it already. I told Jeremy that I was going to take the entire week of rifle season off work for the 2008 season and if I didn't get anything - that was it. I'd be done. Not so much one for patience, as you know.

So this year I went out during bow season a couple of times, but there was really never an opportunity for me to even take a shot. So rifle season rolled around and I was ready - and determined. And sure enough about an hour and a half into my first morning she came out of the woods and meandered toward me. I was using Jeremy's 7 mm and it has a scope on it. She got within about 130-150 yards and I shot, she went right down. I was full of adrenaline and excited, but to be honest I was also a little sad at the same time. Mostly, I was very proud of myself and happy that Jeremy was there with me.

But next was the hard part. Had to get her across the island, into the boat, across the river, into the truck and up to Mom and Dad's place. Then I'd have to field dress her. I've watched Jeremy and my cousin Clay do it several times. I wasn't really sure I could do it - it's pretty gross. But I felt like it was only fair for me to do it - I took her, I needed to do all the dirty work myself. So we got her to the house and I scrounged up a pair of rubber gloves (no way was I doing this with my bare hands). Mom's pretty grossed out by the whole process, too - but she came out and took some pics because she said nobody would believe I did it if there weren't photographic proof. Below is a pic of Dad telling me exactly what I'm going to have to do - and my reaction.

I clearly did not enjoy this part. But I did it, at least I did about 85% of it. I couldn't get through the ribs and I was seriously starting to think I was going to throw up (the smell isn't very pleasant), so Dad took over for about five minutes to get through the ribs and give me a chance to take a few deep breaths. Then I took back over.

Dad and Jeremy (and the guys at the processing plant and my cousins, etc) made fun of me for it, but I'm getting her head mounted. I know she's a doe, and nobody mounts a doe - but she's my first. And you only have one first.

Jeremy took a nice big 10 point buck the next weekend during black powder season. He'd already taken a doe during bow season. I think he was a little disappointed that I didn't want to keep going out until I got a buck, but the weather got really cold and nasty - and I'm not that obsessed/dedicated. At least not yet...

Here's Jeremy's buck...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2433 Country Wood Drive is back on the market

Sigh. For those of you who haven't been in on the drama - we've had two buyers and both buyers have backed out for reasons out of our control. It's a great house - in 28 days on the market, we had 14 viewings.

Buyer #1 - After only four weeks on the market, we had a buyer. We bent over backwards to make it convenient for him - let him show the house to his parents before the final walkthrough, etc. I took 1/2 a day off for the Laclede Gas inspection (cost of $150), the last chore we had to complete before the closing when I got a call from my realtor, Ryan. It was the last day Buyer #1 could legally back out of the contract without losing his good faith money... he got cold feet and backed out. His agent told him he's not going to find a better house, etc - but he just got scared. And left us in the lurch. That was Friday, Nov 7. So that means we go back on the market with 3 extra weeks "on market" where we actually weren't on the market. And he used the inspection loophole to get out of the contract - so even though he had a good inspection and no problems were found... when you view the history on MLS you just see that a buyer backed out over the inspection. So that gives the impression that there was a big problem with the inspection - a cracked foundation or termites or something. And here we are at the holidays - which is a TERRIBLE time to go back on market. (BTW - I have a very special voodoo doll with buyer #1's name on it.) We'd moved out and the house wasn't staged, it was empty and here we are back at square one.

Buyer #2 - So amazingly enough after Buyer #1 backs out on us Friday, I got a call from Ryan Sunday afternoon saying that another realtor had an interested client. She knew the house was under contract, but he was REALLY interested so she was inquiring about the state of that contract. Ryan told her that ironically enough, it had just fallen through 48 hours earlier. She wanted to show the house to her client again in two hours! So Jeremy and Mom and I rushed to the house, moved the living room furniture back over there, grabbed all the misc stuff left and swept up and got it staged and ready to show in record time. Four hours later we had another offer! We were overjoyed - this is amazing!!! We countered his offer and today he withdrew his offer. Turns out his girlfriend is mad at him for buying a house without her seeing it... Sigh.

So here we are back at square one. Going back up on the market. The house is in great condition. It's ready to move into immediately. It's been inspected by Maryland Heights and by the first buyer's inspector. We have both of those inspections that show it's a good house. If you or anyone you know is looking for a house... please direct them to


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Heartfelt Thank You - and an email update service

Jeremy and I have been overwhelmed by all the wonderful messages, calls and cards we've received after Chaser's death. We are so incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives that care about us. I can't say that it made losing him any easier, but it certainly meant the world to us. We also got emails from people we don't even know that are reading my blog - which was very thoughtful as well.

We'd like to say a special thank you to the staff at Happy Tails. Happy Tails is the doggie day care center that we took Chase to for the last year or so. He'd progressed to the point that he couldn't make it through a work day without going potty, so we put him in day care. The people there were just wonderful. Chase was already mostly deaf and blind by then - so he was anxious, which translates to one crabby old man when you take him out of his home. So he wasn't exactly the sweet cuddly little dog you all remember when he got to Happy Tails. But they were incredibly patient with him. They spoiled him, they tolerated his less-than-sunny disposition when he was tired or the weather was bad (he hated bad weather). Last winter they even bought him his own little parka to wear outside! They sent pictures home of him playing with his new doggie friends so we could see that he was doing okay during the day. They even put a picture of him up at the center for everyone else to see. He had a few special friends who always had a treat for him and a little extra love. I had planned on going in to let them know last Monday that Chase wouldn't be back, but I couldn't do it - it was just too hard to go back in there. So I emailed them instead. I got a call yesterday telling me how much they missed him and Megan (one of Chaser's special friends) left a comment on the post below. You guys do wonderful work there and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

So on that note - as many of you know, I've been sending out an email to those who were interested each time I updated the blog. But the list keeps getting a little longer, and email addresses change, and I forget to sent it out, etc. So I found a service, FeedBlitz, that will do it for me. On the right side of the blog, underneath the "About Me" section is a new section - "Email subscriptions powered by FeedBlitz". All you need to do is enter your email address to sign up. FeedBlitz will send you a confirming email that you'll have to respond to and you'll then get an email automatically each time I update. The email will contain a link tot he update as well as the text of the latest post, but no pictures or anything - so you'll want to just click on the link.

Note about email notifications: It's totally private - even from me. They don't sell/distribute email addresses, so you won't start getting a bunch of spam as a result of signing up with FeedBlitz. I did only sign up for the free service though, which means there will be ads in the email notification you recieve. I can pay a monthly fee to make sure you get ad-free emails, but I'm not making any money off this - so I don't want to spend any!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


February 1993-October 2008

Chase – I’m so sorry. I can’t do this, but I can’t not do it either. You’re my best friend. You have always been my best friend – I can’t remember when you weren’t. When my heart was broken, you still loved me. When my feelings were hurt, you were there. When I’d hurt others and didn’t deserve to be loved, you still loved me. This is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. I know you’re not happy. I know you’re hurting. I know we’ve probably waited longer than we should have and that’s selfish on our part. I can’t imagine going to bed without you between us or at my feet tonight. I need to convince myself that you’d forgive me or you’d choose this if you could, but I’ll never know that for sure. I hate that I have to make this decision. I feel like an awful person and a horrible human being. You’ve been loyal and loving. You were always my comic relief when I needed it, when I was sick you’d lie beside me and comfort me. When I fell in love with Jeremy – you fell even harder. The best part of your day – every single day – was all three of us crawling into bed together, because that’s all it took to fill you with joy. Just our presence, both of us lying down and snuggling with you. Saying I love you isn’t strong enough, I can’t find the way to express it to you – people food, hugs and kisses, snuggling… None of it is enough. I can’t convince myself that you understand, that you’ve felt loved enough. I’ve done everything I can to make this day the easiest day for you that I can. I'm so sorry, Chase.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2433 Country Wood Drive is up for sale!

Well, all of the renovations are done and we are officially on the market. Well, we won't officially be on the market until the Open House this Sunday from 2-4, but we're "Coming Soon!". That's what it says on the realtor sign in the front yard. Our realtor, Ryan, created a website for the house - so go check it out. Even if you don't know anybody looking for a place (and if you do, make sure you send them this link!), take a look at the website so you can see all the pics of all the hard work we did on the house.

We've already had to "sneak preview" buyers come look at it, so that's encouraging... I told Jeremy that now that we're done and we've got it all staged to sell I like the house more than I ever did before. Now I want it back! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My newest niece, Miss Taylor Nicole Cameron, and me!

Finally got to meet my newest niece tonight. She's just gorgeous of course. She's just over two months old, she was born July 18 in Kansas City and thanks to all the stuff going on around here we haven't been able to get out there to see her yet. Luckily her mom (my sister, Nicole) brought her to St. Louis so I finally had a chance to meet her in person. Her dad, Jeremy, wasn't able to come with (sorry we missed you, Jeremy!). Lost the charger to my camera, so we had to take pics with my Blackberry - so that explains the poor quality...

Nicole had already sent me tons of pics - Taylor still in utero, Taylor when she was born, Taylor getting her first bath, etc. But she's just so much more beautiful in person. She has such a head of hair you wouldn't believe it!!! I've never seen a baby with so much hair. I can NOT wait to get out there and see her again.

Here are pictures of Taylor when she was born, two months ago... (the last one is with my little sister, Nicole, of course).


And pictures of her first bath. Hee-hee - isn't she cute???

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


YAAAY! So for those of you who didn't know, J and I have been house-hunting this summer. When I bought the house we're in now, it was just Chaser and me - but it's just too small for J and Chase and Grace and myself - AND all of J's toys. So we decided a few years ago that if we were all four going to continue to live, and our marriage was going to survive - we were going to have to buy a bigger house. And now's that time.

You can't ever find the perfect house - but this is pretty close for us. It's on 1/2 an acre, so the backyard is really big and includes woods and a little creek. It's 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. The deck is huge and beautiful. The 3 car garage is J's favorite part, of course. The main floor is all hardwood and ceramic tile - a big plus for us. The basement is already finished and it's a walkout - actually there are three back exits, all french doors. And - most importantly - a walk-in closet.

Of course there are little things I want to change here and there - light fixtures and stuff like that (all of the bathrooms are BORING). But all of that can come later - it's totally move-in ready right now. We had our inspection today and they didn't find anything big enough to worry about so it's full steam ahead.

The pics below are off the real estate website, so it's got all of the seller's furniture in it.

We don't close until the end of October, so we've been working very hard to get our house up on the market. There were a lot of things we felt like we needed to finish before we put it up. So we spent the last weekend completely redoing the bathroom (if I never tile or grout again I'll die a happy woman), and we've already refloored and painted the master and upstairs guest bedroom. Still need to replace all the interior doors and a couple of exterior doors - a build a wall. Then we'll be done!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christian the Lion

I know many of you have seen this on You Tube. This morning the two guys in the clip were on the Today Show. It's just so amazing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 Honky Tonk Queen

Seriously. This is one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen. My buddy, Aaron, is a member of the IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs). And every year at the IAGSDC convention, the Honky Tonk Queen is chosen. I quote, "The judges evaluate the contestants on deportment, personality, dress sense and talent. Most years they find none of this in any contestant, so they pick the winner by rolling the dice".

Aaron performed as Iona Doublewide. He said that they gave him eight minutes to prepare for his performance once he was given his song. Which makes this even funnier - you've got to check it out!

Click here.

One more thing... Aaron - you're legs look better in that skirt than mine ever have. Asshole.

Monday, July 07, 2008

No Update Flood Update

Many of you have emailed to ask for an update on the flood. The update is that there really isn't an update. The water is going down, so now we just wait. It's not down enough to get in and really begin the cleanup...

Thank you so much to those of you who have inquired and sent your well wishes. It is much appreciated.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Introducing... Mr. Louis Busch!

So Dad got a phone call the other night from an old buddy he was in the Reserves with. One of the first things he said was, "I can't believe you're still alive!" (Of course, they're the same age...) Turns out he'd read an article on the front page of a farm magazine featuring my dad. So Dad gets off the phone and turns to Mom and says, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you..."

Not only is Dad a celebrity - he's a star of multi-media. He was called and interviewed for this article and forgot to tell any of us about it (the journalist is the sister of a friend of the family). Typical. Jeremy and I were joking about it and made the comment that Tom Brokaw could call and ask to do a week long segment on Dad and his response would be," (long pause) Isn't there anything better to do a story on?" So here's the article... Missouri Farmer Today.
Send all requests for autographs to me, and I'll forward them to Mr. Busch. Due to high demand, please be patient.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby June the fawn

When you leave Grandma's house, you boat to the railroad tracks, walk over the railroad tracks and then get on the tractor to ride back to the truck. The water there isn't deep enough for a boat, but it's too deep for a truck. So the point is - the railroad tracks stick up for miles and miles - with water on either side. When we left Grandma's house and crossed the railroad tracks, we found June, a tiny little fawn. She was bleating, scared and stumbling - and too young to be afraid of us. Her mother was dead and she was sure to be dead within 24 hours, probably sooner than that - there was no way she was going to survive on those railroad tracks. We had a hamper full of bunnies we were saving... we just couldn't leave June on the railroad tracks.

So after a little cajoling, my cousin Gerald got her and we took her back with us, too. Mom had seen a news report about a Wildlife Rescue place in Ballwin that was taking orphaned animals, so we decided we'd take her there.

Once we had her, she calmed down and was perfectly at ease with us. She road in my lap all the way back to Mom and Dad's house - and then for two hours back to St Louis. I didn't have to hold her, she fell right asleep on my lap. She couldn't possibly have weighed more than fifteen pounds.

We called the Wildlife Rescue once we got back to Mom and Dad's house, their message said they'd be open until 8 PM and to leave a message detailing your wildlife emergency. So we left a message and headed to Ballwin. About the time we hit Wentzville, my phone notified me that I had a message (must have been out of service when they returned my call). The Wildlife Rescue place left me a message saying that they weren't licensed to take deer, so they'd have to euthanize her if we brought her in. They went on to say that there wasn't any place in the state of Missouri that could take her. They suggested we call the Conservation Department. I was in shock - and I just didn't know what to do. The Conservation Department said they couldn't be of much help either. Their best suggestion was to let her go near where we'd found her and hope her mother would show up. But her mother was dead! And we found her in the middle of a flood - miles from dry land!

After some discussion - and yes, some tears - we decided to let her go in Creve Coeur Park in an area where we regularly see lots of deer in the evenings. We go there specifically to see deer and are never disappointed. I know it's unlikely that another female deer will take her and let her feed. I'm hoping she's old enough to eat grass and make it on her own. There aren't many coyotes in the area. I don't know what else we could have done.
Some will say we should have left her where she was. But that was a death sentence, she wasn't going to last much longer on the railroad tracks - there was no place for her to go. Her mother is dead. I wanted to take her to a wildlife specialist and guarantee her life, but that wasn't a possibility. I strongly believe that we gave her the best chance we could - at least she's better off now than she was on those tracks.
We walked her deep into the woods and let her go. She came back to me a couple of times, then to J - and then walked into the woods. She turned around to look at us a couple of times, then started into the woods bleating for her mother.
And I came home and cried.

Flood Update - June 22

How high's the water, mama?

Five feet high and risin'

How high's the water, papa?

Five feet high and risin'

Well, the rails are washed out north of town

We gotta head for higher ground

We can't come back till the water comes down,

Five feet high and risin'

Well, it's five feet high and risin'

We had hoped the water wasn't going to get high enough to get into Grandma's house - but after Dad realized it'd risen almost 10 inches overnight, he decided it was time to rip up the carpet and make final preparations for the house. There's no dry land left around the house, you can't even get to the driveway by vehicle - had to take a tractor and then a boat. Below are pics around the house.

And a pic of ripping up the carpet...

We saw even more wildlife than we'd seen on Saturday. The pic below is literally a pile of frogs - and there were lots of piles of frogs like this on the front and back steps. Click on the picture to enlarge it and look closely.

There was a opossum taking refuge in the garage.
And there were a lot of rabbits standing on the highest spots they could reach. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be long before those weren't dry spots anymore. We saw quite a few dead animal floating in the water, so we knew they wouldn't last much longer. So we rounded up all of the rabbits - some really big monsters, and some little tiny babies and put them in a laundry hamper. Took them up to dry land and let them go.

Dad's such a big softie.