Friday, December 21, 2007

Hunter Samuel Broad - I'm an aunt again!

Introducing Hunter Samuel Broad. He was born Tuesday night, December 18 around 11:05 pm; weighed in at 7 pounds and was about 21 1/2 inches long. And of course he's absolutely perfect.

Jonas and Shaina are his proud, and really tired, parents (my BIL and SIL). His big sister Elle (7) has given him the seal of approval - she said he was really cute, so they could go ahead and keep him. Big brother Caleb (also 7 but not pictured below) was just glad there's another boy in the family!

Since J and I don't plan to have children of our own, this is as close and I'm going to get. My boss was teasing me Tuesday afternoon about how excited and antsy I was - and he's right I was going nuts. I've been so excited all summer and fall and I'm just really pleased that he's finally here and I can get to know him. I have two nephews and two nieces - but this time I kind of get to get in on the "ground floor" so to speak. I don't get to see my brother's children very often; and while I see Caleb and Elle all the time and love them both to death, I didn't really get to know them until they were toddlers. So I have every intention of smothering this boy with love and attention.

In other exciting news, my little sister is pregnant and due in August - so I have another niece or nephew on the way...

In considerably less exciting news - we came home from St Thomas to a hot mess. J went downstairs to do some laundry the weekend after we got home and when he stepped off the stairs he heard "squish". The carpet was wet. Apparently the sewer backed up and flooded the basement while we were gone. Sigh. I didn't even go down, I didn't want to see it I didn't want to smell it I didn't want to even think about it. However - I must brag on my insurance company - they've taken care of absolutely everything. J called them and they were at the house the next day. We thought they were just going to look around and assess the damage, but they showed up with an entire disaster recovery crew and ripped up the carpet and baseboards and sprayed chemicals and set up huge exaust fans all that morning. So when I got home that night I was amazed and very pleased. Even as we speak a group of workers is moving everything out of the basement and into a POD that was delivered to our driveway last week. Then the new carpet will go down, they'll repaint all the walls, and the new bathroom vanity will be installed. Then they'll unload everything from the POD and we'll have a fresh new basement!
J and I are headed to Mom and Dad's for Christmas, we'll spend a nice long four day weekend eating and exchanging gifts and playing outside. I know we'll have a wonderful Christmas and I you all do as well. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Buck

Well, there it is - Jeremy got his buck last weekend. It's a eight-point buck and it was pretty freaking big! This last week was muzzle loader season.

Jeremy Jam was with us and he was in a stand to the west of me, with J in a stand to the east of me. The weather was nasty and freezing raining on us. Didn't see a single deer all morning and was just about ready to give it up for the day when this great big thing comes sprinting through the field in front of me. He ran the 1/2 mile or so through the field to pause in front of Jeremy Jam's stand (but was obscured by a tree so he couldn't get a shot off), then ran by me and paused (but I couldn't get my stupid glove covered thumb between the hammer and the scope to pull the hammer back - I was so frustrated) for just a couple of seconds and ran over to J. .. where he stopped running and started walking into the woods.

Our radios weren't working so I couldn't warn him that it was on the way. I just stood there watching and listening - praying he'd get a shot at it. Finally I heard J shoot. I was so excited for him, but knew I shouldn't get down and run over there in case it wasn't dead yet - I didn't want to spook it. But after just a few minutes (that felt like an hour), I saw J's blaze orange vest moving through the woods. So I climbed down and ran over - he'd dropped it immediately. It was almost as exciting as if I'd taken him myself. Almost.

For those of you keeping score (not that I am...): Jeremy - 3; Heather - 0. This weekend is the bonus doe weekend. I'm going to try again - wish me luck.