Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dr. Jeremy Doolittle

For Christmas I had a beautiful red hydrangea wreath up on the front door. I liked it so much (and it was big and a pain to store away) that I decided to leave it up on the door through the winter after Christmas had passed. Apparently, I'm not the only one that liked it...

We were leaving to go to dinner one night and when J opened the front door, a bird flew right into the house! Seems it had decided to build a nest in my hydrangea wreath and when we opened the door we startled it into flying away (naturally). But J opened the door so quickly that it flew in the house instead. It nestled in on top of the TV, so J grabbed a broom and tried to get it to step onto the broomstick. Instead it flew across the room to stand on the floor lamp. J tried again with the broomstick. Back to the TV. Again with the broomstick. Back to the lamp. Again with the broomstick - and this time it worked! J just pushed the broomstick gently against our little visitor's chest and she stepped right up onto the broomstick and Jeremy let her out the front door. While all this was happening I was running interference trying to keep the dog and the cat out of the living room.

We thought it was a cute story, but a total fluke. Just a week later she flew in again. She and J danced the same little dance all over again. Except this time, when he stepped out onto the front porch she didn't want to fly away. He offered her his arm and she hopped right on! So I grabbed the camera a took a couple of shots. She was missing her right eye, so I think that's why she miscalculated and ended up inside the house twice.

I hated to take her prospective home away from her, but I took down the wreath after her second visit to the living room. I'd rather force her to find a new nesting spot that to let her become a snack for Grace the cat. Who spent the next week or so licking her lips at the front door every time it was opened...

Michael Bublé loves me... and also, we got a foot of snow!

Sunday afternoon I met a bunch of girlfriends for dinner and we sat out on the patio to eat because the weather was so beautiful. It was 80 degrees... and then 48 hours later it was 24 degrees out and snowing! Here are picks of our back patio after Tuesday's snow storm. We got a full foot of snow! It was pretty wild. I left for work at 7:30 and not a single snowflake had fallen. By noon the roads were almost impassable, the snow was halfway to my knees and I grabbed my laptop and headed home to work from the safety of my living room. My 20 minute drive home took me about an hour and half. There were so many cars and trucks in the ditches or stuck that I honestly lost count on the way home. After 45 minutes or so I called back to work and told my direct reports to just go home - don't even try to stick it out. When it finally stopped snowing that night we had a full foot of snow. Yet just two miles north of us they only had two inches.

And now, just 48 hours later - it's almost all gone. Of course there are still a few inches, but it's melted off of all the sidewalks, driveway, etc that hadn't been plowed. Seriously - we've got weather whiplash!

Went to see Michael Bublé in concert. He was amazing -very funny, very charasmatic, very entertaining. Michelle and Jeremy Jam went with us. The two Jeremys even had a good time (much to their surprise). Of course as soon as Michael saw me he fell madly in love with me and sang directly to me the entire night. You can tell from the pic above, right?