Friday, February 23, 2007

Boobs, Booze and Bullshit's Favorite Things

It only took me a month, but here they are as promised (in no particular order):
Lash Stylist Comb Mascara by Maybelline - Can I tell you how much I love this mascara? It's got this "v-styling comb" rather than a brush and it works so well. It comes in both washable and waterproof formulas - just the normal old colors though. But it doesn't clump and it separates your lashes and makes them look long and beautiful. Threw away my old standby Maybelline Great Lash in the pink and green tube that I'd been using for YEARS as soon as I tried this.
Nivea Body Lotion - For dry skin. And yes, we all immediately put it on when we opened this gift. I've been putting it on every night since I got it. In the winter, having the heat on inside all the time, your skin gets so freaking dry and scaly - so this is sitting on my nightstand.

Basket w/ notepads and Champagne flutes - This basket is now on my nightstand holding all of my reading material (a bunch of magazines - I subscribe to way too many, and books). And of course the flutes were put to good use right away!

Slipper socks and moisturing foot/body cream - My socks are pink with little skid-proof hearts on the soles of the socks. So cute. We all put these on for bed Saturday night.

Mary Kay Signature Mascara - Ever since Jill gave us all Mary Kay makeovers last summer when we were at the lake most of us have developed a Mary Kay addiction...

Singer Smart Scissors and handmade glass wine charms (they're all little hearts - so CUTE) - These scissors really work - and they're just as seen on TV. Yep, they are. Most of us immediately cut up the box they came in just to play with them. At least those of us that could figure out how to work them (those that couldn't... you know who you are...)
"Love Spell" body splash by Victoria's Secret - This was spritzed all over the place as soon as we all opened this gift. Michelle's house probably still smells like "Love Spell". Yummy.

Charles Shaw Chardonnay - The original "Two Buck Chuck". That's right, two dollars. And it's good stuff. Love this stuff. Go to Trader Joe's and buy your own. Right now. Buy a whole case! And don't tell anyone how cheap it was - they'll never know.

Boursin Cheese (Garlis and Fine Herbs) - Or "crack" as it's called in our house. It lasted a solid 20 minutes after I got home with it.

Blistex Cherry Lip Infusion - I love this stuff! Instant new addiction...
Oreos - Okay, seriously. Who doesn't love Oreos?
Xlhileration! Retro Oxford tennis shoes - Eight of the nine of us wore these out on Saturday and we've decided we'll be wearing them for an upcoming special event... you'll see...
Bookmark and BB&B photo and frame - Okay, I'm not about to post the picture we received. Shayla put together pictures of all of us and put it in an 8x10 frame. It's hilarious and awesome and I'm still not about to post it!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

BB&B January 2007

Last weekend we had our 3rd Bi-annual BB&B weekend gathering in Wentzville. This time it was “BB&B’s Favorite Things”. We all came up with a “favorite thing” that cost $10 or less and bought one for everyone. We individually gift –wrapped them to exchange with one another. Michelle was nice enough to play hostess and organize the weekend for us. Friday night we did the usual – everyone shows up and we get drunk and eat ourselves silly.

Saturday morning, we waited for the latecomers and finally exchanged our gifts. It was like Christmas morning – only better! We have some very clever girls and received some very clever gifts. We got everything from wine and cheese to favorite mascaras, lip gloss, lotion, slipper socks, oreos, sneakers, notepads, pictures, bookmarks – all kinds of great stuff. I’ll post later on in the month with all the specifics of the exchange. That way you guys can all benefit from my brilliant friends, too.

After the exchange, we headed to Main Street in St Charles where RT Weiler’s was sponsoring an ice-carving contest. The ice sculptures were gorgeous and it was very cool to see them being created – but it was freaking COLD out. So we hit the bar and started drinking again. Then we hit another bar and played a little pool. Then it was off to the skating rink. That’s right – we went roller skating. It’s been a good 20 years (probably more) since I was on roller skates, and I remember it being so much easier! It didn’t take me long to figure out my limits – three laps and my legs were like jelly. Every single time I came out of the last curve on my third lap, I’d start to lose my balance and almost wipe out – so I’d ride the bench for a while and go again. It was a riot – watching all the kids there (who probably couldn’t believe there were so many old ladies there) and their interactions with one another. We quickly figured out who the “cool” girls were, etc. I’m proud to say that I did not wipe out – although there were several close calls. However, we weren’t all so lucky, not to mention any names. KatieShainaShayla.

We desperately wanted to prank somebody and get ‘em good. But it turns out our chosen target wasn’t away from his house, so we didn’t get to put our plan into action. But we had a plan. And it was a good plan. However… it’s not forgotten…

And then of course, it was back to Michelle’s for more drinking and more games and more singing. We suck but we don’t care. I have a lovely video clip of Sheri singing “I Will Survive” along with her own choreography. I might have to post it later... Bwahahahaha!

As usual it was a great time – we really enjoy our time together and already have the next several gatherings already planned. Just like out at the lake, we didn’t want to go, didn’t want the weekend to end. So Shaina blocked us all in and ran out of gas Sunday morning! (I can’t say a word though – I ran out of gas on Hwy 270 Monday night like an idiot.)