Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Long time no blog...

It’s been a really long time since I updated. Sorry – it’s just been such a busy summer. And every year just seems to go by more quickly than the last one. Sigh. So here’s an update on the last six months…

I have a new nephew! My little brother, Chad, and his wife, Angela, had a little boy on April 27. His name is Carson Nicholas, and he is as cute as he could be. He’s had some medical problems, but hopefully all will be okay.

I have a new brother-in-law! My little sister, Nicole, got married at the end of May. Her husband’s name is Jeremy (at least it’s easy to remember)! Their wedding was an outdoor wedding in the rose garden of a park near where they live. It was beautiful and they totally lucked out with the weather. It rained all morning, cleared up for the wedding and started raining shortly after the indoor reception started! The reception was a lot of fun. I got to see some of Chad’s friends that I hadn’t seen in over a decade. They’re all married and have kids now – how OLD am I??? Geesh.

I’ve had some medical issues this year – hopefully all over with now. I had a basal cell carcinoma near my right eye that had to be removed through Mohs surgery. Second time I’ve had to do this. But unfortunately since it was at the inside corner of my eye, it didn’t heal well. It was leaving a webbed appearance at the inside corner of my eye. So they went back in and took some donor skins off my eyelids (doesn’t that sound gross?) and did a skin graft. So I ended up getting a free eyelid lift out of the deal – which is pretty cool – but it’s still webbing a little. I’m tired of messing with it so I’m just going to let it heal completely and if I’m still not happy with it, I’ll go see a plastic surgeon about it. But the eyelid lift is pretty dramatic I think (see before and after below). Of course the second pic is with no makeup on...
In June we celebrated the Jeremy and Mike’s first anniversary as owners of Azar Automotive. Mary Beth had a big BBQ at their place in honor of the big event. It was a lot of fun. Tons of people were there, it’s so nice to know that so many people love and support Jeremy and Mike and wanted to make sure they were there to show it.

BB&B had our weekend at the Lake in July. We seem to have a REALLY hard time getting all nine of us together at once. Shaina wasn’t able to join us this time, but here’s a pic of the eight of us getting ready to go out and get our drink on.

As always, we had a great time. Lots of stories from the weekend, but not a single one that’s fit for public consumption!

The last month in particular has been chock-full of wedding events for Mike and Mary Beth’s upcoming nuptials. We rented a private party box for a Cards game for their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Had a blast! The Cards won, which was the beginning of the sudden surge they’ve made here at the end of the season… Most of us had rented rooms downtown for the night, so after the game we headed to Broadway On Beale. Hee hee – here’s a pic of Jeremy and Katie dancing.
Threw the obligatory couples shower. It was nice and they received some wonderful gifts. BB&B had a surprise “bridal shower” for Mary Beth at Clayton On The Park. We rented a suite and gave her the kind of gifts you can’t give her at a coed wedding shower… Had an amazing dinner at Finale and then headed up to the Rooftop Veranda, where the guys met us and we spent the rest of the night laughing and drinking.

And that brings us to last weekend. Took my Hunter Safety course as mandated by the Missouri Department of Conservation (in order to hunt legally) – it was from 9-4 both Saturday and Sunday. Jeremy Jam and I took it together. I was really not looking forward to it and thought it would be a huge waste of time. However, we lucked out and got some great instructors – they kept it moving and we both felt like we learned a lot and got quite a bit out of it. That being said, I’m REALLY glad it’s over! So this weekend is the start of bow season and I’m going to be out there hunting for the first time. Jeremy’s very psyched up about the season opening, so he’s going on his own Saturday and then going with me on Sunday… I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.

I promise to start blogging again regularly.