Monday, July 12, 2010

Mel Gibson - A Vile and Disgusting Man

All I'll say is that I made the right decision almost four years ago.

And now recordings of his threatening calls to his girlfriend have been leaked to the public. As a result, he has been dropped by his talent agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

Mel Gibson clearly hates women, Jews, African-Americans and no telling who else. I find him repulsive. And I hope those of you who have hesitated or blew off his actions four years ago will now think again. Listen to the tape - it's eight minutes long, you can spare eight minutes. There's nothing he or anyone can ever say to explain what he says. It's so disgusting I'm not going to write it. There's no excuse of any kind. None.

My mind has not changed and my opinion about Gibson has not wavered in the last four years. An awful lot of people thought I was wrong/overreacting/unforgiving. I hope that now their minds have changed.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Burgers and Fries for Father's Day... or are they?

Jeremy and I hosted Father's Day for our families this year and I decided to make a little something special for everyone... burgers and fries. What's so special about burgers and fries, you ask? Because they're for dessert!
Where are the fries? Yeah... uh, I forgot to take pics after I added the fries to the plates. So you'll just have to play along. And honestly, I can't take credit for these little creations - I got the idea from Bakerella, just had to wait until Father's Day to do it. And I needed to take something in to work the next Monday for a birthday celebration so I thought I'd just make some extra burgers!

They're really easy to make - just a little time consuming. Well, actually a lot time consuming. You start with a batch of fudgy brownies and yellow cupcakes.

The fries are made with sugar cookies. I rolled out a batch of sugar cookies, sprinkled liberally with sugar, and then used a pizza cutter to cut them into long strips to replicate french fries.
Cut the cupcakes in half to use as your buns, and using a 2" cookie cutter, cut "hamburger" rounds out of the brownies. Below is the last picture I took that included the "fries". After this picture (and while they were still warm) I cut them in half and tossed them all in even more sugar. They looked JUST LIKE french fries. Sorry there are no pics of the final result. :(

So back to the burgers. Place a brownie "burger" between the two cupcake "buns"...
Now that would be a burger I'd have ordered as a kid. Plain, plain, plain. No ketchup, no mustard, no icky stuff on it. However, now I like a little more yummy on my burgers! I took a batch of vanilla icing and divided it into thirds, adding yellow, red and green to each third. So first we do the mustard...
And then the ketchup...
And finally the lettuce and the sesame seeds on our bun. Ew, I know - but not really. You can't taste them at all and what looks more like sesame seeds than sesame seeds?
These were so much fun to make and quite a hit as well. Especially with the kids. My two year old nephew, Hunter, thought these were the best hamburgers he's ever had in his WHOLE life!

UPDATE: Here's a picture that includes the "fries". (Thanks Mom!).