Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2433 Country Wood Drive is back on the market

Sigh. For those of you who haven't been in on the drama - we've had two buyers and both buyers have backed out for reasons out of our control. It's a great house - in 28 days on the market, we had 14 viewings.

Buyer #1 - After only four weeks on the market, we had a buyer. We bent over backwards to make it convenient for him - let him show the house to his parents before the final walkthrough, etc. I took 1/2 a day off for the Laclede Gas inspection (cost of $150), the last chore we had to complete before the closing when I got a call from my realtor, Ryan. It was the last day Buyer #1 could legally back out of the contract without losing his good faith money... he got cold feet and backed out. His agent told him he's not going to find a better house, etc - but he just got scared. And left us in the lurch. That was Friday, Nov 7. So that means we go back on the market with 3 extra weeks "on market" where we actually weren't on the market. And he used the inspection loophole to get out of the contract - so even though he had a good inspection and no problems were found... when you view the history on MLS you just see that a buyer backed out over the inspection. So that gives the impression that there was a big problem with the inspection - a cracked foundation or termites or something. And here we are at the holidays - which is a TERRIBLE time to go back on market. (BTW - I have a very special voodoo doll with buyer #1's name on it.) We'd moved out and the house wasn't staged, it was empty and here we are back at square one.

Buyer #2 - So amazingly enough after Buyer #1 backs out on us Friday, I got a call from Ryan Sunday afternoon saying that another realtor had an interested client. She knew the house was under contract, but he was REALLY interested so she was inquiring about the state of that contract. Ryan told her that ironically enough, it had just fallen through 48 hours earlier. She wanted to show the house to her client again in two hours! So Jeremy and Mom and I rushed to the house, moved the living room furniture back over there, grabbed all the misc stuff left and swept up and got it staged and ready to show in record time. Four hours later we had another offer! We were overjoyed - this is amazing!!! We countered his offer and today he withdrew his offer. Turns out his girlfriend is mad at him for buying a house without her seeing it... Sigh.

So here we are back at square one. Going back up on the market. The house is in great condition. It's ready to move into immediately. It's been inspected by Maryland Heights and by the first buyer's inspector. We have both of those inspections that show it's a good house. If you or anyone you know is looking for a house... please direct them to http://www.2433countrywood.com/.