Saturday, December 27, 2008

Offensive emails

I can’t continue to delete emails I find offensive without saying anything any longer. I’m incredibly tired of people I know, and that seem to think they know me, assuming that I would find such trash amusing. I’ve never done or said anything to make you think that I’m racist, homophobic, bigoted or harbor ill will toward any race or religious group. But perhaps it’s not something I’ve done or said – maybe it’s something I haven’t done or said. So I’m saying it now – STOP.

I’m going to make this very, very clear and spell it out quite specifically so there’s no confusion. Stop sending me the racist “jokes” and email, the homophobic “jokes” and email, the bigoted “jokes” and email, the emails full of inaccurate and spiteful information regarding Obama or Bush or McCain or anybody else. I don’t want to see another email in my inbox about Muslims or Arabs. No more emails about how stupid all Democrats are or how racist all Republicans are.

Not only do I not share your beliefs, but there are a lot of people in my life that I care very deeply about who are not Protestant straight white men. Shockingly enough there are both Democrats and Republicans in my life and in my family, there are blacks and homosexuals in my life and in my family. I know and love many people from many walks of life. So I find such commentary personally offensive.

No more sexist emails either. In case you’re too stupid to notice – I’m a woman. There’s a big difference between a funny email poking fun at the differences between men and women and a sexist email. And if you’re too stupid to know the difference, err on the side of caution and don’t bother emailing it to me – as a matter of fact, feel free not to email me at all in the future.

If you actually know me, you know I have a sense of humor. The majority of the emails I get are funny or touching, they are not offensive. Don't let this make you all paranoid or afraid to send me anything. If this message is about you, you know it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's official - the house is sold. We got our third buyer a couple of weeks ago and we got her loan confirmation today. And that means it's a done deal. We close on December 30. We still have a lot of stuff to move out and some work to do on it, but we've found the finish line and we're almost there. After two and a half months and three buyers it's finally over!

Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 Deer Season - my first deer!


Whoo-hoo! Got my first deer. Finally...

A couple of years ago, the weather was beautiful during black powder season so I joined Jeremy as a spectator and was with him when he harvested a doe. It got me interested in deer hunting myself. So I took my hunter safety course, bought my own bow and took lessons. So by the fall of 2007 I was ready - and pumped. I went out a lot. I had several opportunities during bow season and missed every time. I was very frustrated and really mad at myself. And then because circumstances conspired against me I was only able to go out a couple of times during rifle season and didn't have a single opportunity. So by the end of 2007's deer season I was just about over it already. I told Jeremy that I was going to take the entire week of rifle season off work for the 2008 season and if I didn't get anything - that was it. I'd be done. Not so much one for patience, as you know.

So this year I went out during bow season a couple of times, but there was really never an opportunity for me to even take a shot. So rifle season rolled around and I was ready - and determined. And sure enough about an hour and a half into my first morning she came out of the woods and meandered toward me. I was using Jeremy's 7 mm and it has a scope on it. She got within about 130-150 yards and I shot, she went right down. I was full of adrenaline and excited, but to be honest I was also a little sad at the same time. Mostly, I was very proud of myself and happy that Jeremy was there with me.

But next was the hard part. Had to get her across the island, into the boat, across the river, into the truck and up to Mom and Dad's place. Then I'd have to field dress her. I've watched Jeremy and my cousin Clay do it several times. I wasn't really sure I could do it - it's pretty gross. But I felt like it was only fair for me to do it - I took her, I needed to do all the dirty work myself. So we got her to the house and I scrounged up a pair of rubber gloves (no way was I doing this with my bare hands). Mom's pretty grossed out by the whole process, too - but she came out and took some pics because she said nobody would believe I did it if there weren't photographic proof. Below is a pic of Dad telling me exactly what I'm going to have to do - and my reaction.

I clearly did not enjoy this part. But I did it, at least I did about 85% of it. I couldn't get through the ribs and I was seriously starting to think I was going to throw up (the smell isn't very pleasant), so Dad took over for about five minutes to get through the ribs and give me a chance to take a few deep breaths. Then I took back over.

Dad and Jeremy (and the guys at the processing plant and my cousins, etc) made fun of me for it, but I'm getting her head mounted. I know she's a doe, and nobody mounts a doe - but she's my first. And you only have one first.

Jeremy took a nice big 10 point buck the next weekend during black powder season. He'd already taken a doe during bow season. I think he was a little disappointed that I didn't want to keep going out until I got a buck, but the weather got really cold and nasty - and I'm not that obsessed/dedicated. At least not yet...

Here's Jeremy's buck...