Monday, September 18, 2006

Shaina's Bachelorette Party in Memphis, TN

So I went to Memphis over the weekend for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party – and we had an awesome time! We drank a lot, we ate a lot, we laughed a lot. We definitely did not sleep a lot, though. There were eight of us in total and we all just happened to also be the women that comprise Boobs, Booze and Bullshit.

We got down there right at dinner time on Friday, so we all changed into our t-shirts (I had some made for the weekend) and headed down to Beale Street. We had an amazing dinner at King’s Palace. There was a great band playing while we ate, and their singer looked like she couldn’t be more than 21 but she was really good. Then we drank our way down Beale Street and back up again.

Saturday night we were picked up by our limo and went to dinner at Automatic Slim’s Tonga Club – and good God, it was amazing. So freaking good! The place was gorgeous too. And (some of us were a bit more excited about this part than others) they had rare pictures of a young and shirtless Elvis on the second floor. I took pictures, of course. After dinner, we hopped back in the limo and had the driver open up the back. I was able to find a limo that had a back section that was open to the outside – so we all crowded in the back and cruised around downtown singing and laughing and drinking. Had a blast – we were certainly very popular driving around like that. Then we worked our way back down Beale Street and back up again.

That’s just a basic sketch of our weekend. Trite as it may be, just like Vegas – what happens in Memphis, stays in Memphis. So I won’t share too many stories – that would ruin all my blackmail material. However, I do want to share a little snippet of our weekend. Here is the bachelorette, Shaina, up on stage singing her own rendition of “Me and Bobby McGee". Unfortunately, this precious moment happened after I’d taken a ton of pictures so I didn’t have enough memory left on my camera to catch the whole thing – but I got a good portion of it.Enjoy!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Emmitt Smith Can Dance!


I've been a fan of Emmitt's for years, I fell in love with him on the gridiron - and now I'm more smitten than ever. Look at him dance! I'm so impressed, I had no idea. Jerry Rice looked pretty good on Dancing With the Stars last year, but Emmitt looks amazing.

I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was a kid, and an Emmitt fan throughout his entire NFL career. Emmitt is the NFL all-time rushing leader, the NFL all-time rushing touchdown leader, a SuperBowl MVP, the NFL MVP in '93, Rookie of the Year in '90, he has three SuperBowl rings, and he's clearly a future Hall-of-Famer! Perhaps now he'll be able to add Dancing With the Stars Champion to his list of accomplishments!

BTW - On a side note, completely unrelated to Emmitt... I'm going to be really pissed when Terrell Owens first dances on the star in Texas Stadium with a Cowboys uniform on. I stil haven't forgotten (or forgiven) T.O. for dancing on the star in 2000 when he was playing for San Francisco - mocking Emmitt in his own house. Asshole. I hate that the Cowboys signed T.O. I want to the the 'Boys succeed, but I want to see T.O. fail - it kills me that there are no consequences for people like him. Harumph!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

In Other News...

Bill Ford, Jr. stepped down as CEO of Ford Motor Company on Tuesday, although he will remain as executive chairman. I'm sure that it has absolutely nothing to do with my blog entry about his pissing me off with his hypocritical "green" commercials. However, I will still bask in the glory as if it did...

Jonas and Shaina's wedding events...

My brother-in-law (Jonas) is getting married in a few weeks to one of my best friends (Shaina). She's my future-sister-in-law, but I already think of her as my sister. I'm really excited about the wedding. It will be at my parent's place, so the setting will be just beautiful. I'm in the wedding and I love my dress and can't wait to wear it - so that's good. It's just going to be such a wonderful weekend, all of our friends will be there to celebrate with Jonas and Shaina. All of our families will be there, etc.

Last weekend the guys all got together at the Broad family farm in Cuba, MO for Jonas' bachelor party. Rumor has it they had a very good time. The good news is, nobody came back with any scars, cuts or bruises and there was no permanent damage done to any of the trucks, four-wheelers or guns.

The weekend before that, we all gathered at Stacy's (Shaina's sister and matron-of-honor) for their wedding shower. (Left) Here is a picture of the party...

It was a very hot and sticky day, but there was a pool for the kids to cool off in and plenty of ice cold beer and other drinks to help the adults cool off.

All of Shaina's family was there, most of Jonas' family was there, as well as my parents and many of our friends.

The girls are all headed to Memphis next weekend for the bachelorette party. That promises to be a ridiculously good time. And no, I probably will not be sharing all of the details of that weekend on here when we get back - at least not if the weekend is successful! However, I'm sure there will still be plenty of G-rated stories I'll be able to tell when we get home.

Here's a really nice picture of Jonas and Shaina cutting the cake at their shower:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My reality show obsession continues...

Project Runway – They’re down to just six designers now and I would love to see Michael win. He’s a good guy, but more importantly he really thinks about everything he does – even when I don’t like his design the best, I still love his design. I’d be very please to see Laura win as well. Her design aesthetic is so classic and really makes a woman’s body look good (if you have a model’s body, of course).

What I do not want to see is Jeffrey in the final two. I just can’t stand that cocky bastard – he’s such an ass. I hate the way he treated Angela’s mom, it was totally uncalled for and he should have shown her more respect. Plus, I don’t usually like his designs and what he did for Angela’s mom was the worst thing I’ve seen on this show – I have no idea why he wasn’t kicked off for that one.

I like Kayne, but I just don’t think he has the well rounded ability needed to win Project Runway. He’s done some beautiful work – but his taste is a little questionable. Vincent’s sweet, but just a little clueless. Basket hat – enough said. And Uli, I totally adore Uli. She does some amazing work, she’s a competitor – she could totally end up in the final two.

My pick is Michael…

Design Star – We’re down to the final two and they’re the two that I wanted through the whole show. Yay! David is as cute as can be. And by “cute”, I mean really freaking hot. And he does really good work, he’s a talented carpenter and he’s got the looks to be on television. However, he’s kind of iffy when it comes to the actual hosting stuff in front of the camera. And then there’s Alice – she’s also an incredibly sweet person and she’s beautiful. And more importantly – she’s a total natural in front of the camera. Her taste is similar to mine, so of course I like everything she does. However, her squeaky girly voice drives me nuts sometimes. Like when she’s greeting another woman or acting excited about something, her voice goes all squeaky – drives me nuts.

My pick is Alice…

Fresh Meat – This is the Real World/Road Rules challenge for this summer. I was terribly disappointed to see Derrick and Diem get knocked off last week. She’s awesome, and totally should have been able to go further. And she made Derrick somebody that I could root for – which surprises me because I hadn’t been real impressed in the past.

There are three couples left and each of the three couples is guaranteed some money. Tina and Kenny – like most of America, I would imagine, I really don’t like Tina and I really don’t want these two to win. Okay, I take that back. I don’t even know the woman so I can’t say that I don’t like her. Instead, I’ll say that I don’t care for the behavior I’ve seen her display over the years on tv. Then there’s Wes and Casey. He’s really busted his butt to still be there, so I have to give him credit for that. However, I still don’t like the way he’s behaved on the show (I’m hoping girlfriend Johanna is similarly unimpressed as she watched the shows as well), so I’d hate to see him win. Plus, Casey totally doesn’t deserve to still be there – she’s not athletic, she’s not bright and she’s downright smarmy. That leaves Darrell and Aviv – they’re hard workers, and don’t get involved in all the drama bullshit. Of the three couples left – this is who I’d like to see take it all.

Darrell and Aviv are my picks…

Big Brother All Stars – This is my true obsession. Love this show. And it’s All-Stars this season. We’re down to four players: Erika and Mike Boogie – the showmance of the season, Janelle and Will – the “flirtmance” of the season.

I seriously cannot believe that Will and Boogie are still in the game. The two people who went into the house with a well-known and obvious alliance with one another, the two people who are KNOWN to lie at every turn, the two people who are the most obnoxious in the house! Will is a past winner and even constantly wears a t-shirt that says “I’m probably lying” – what is he still doing in this game?!?! I hope the morons on the jury realize that there’s no one to blame but themselves, they should have shown those two the door in the first two weeks.

As for Janelle – she totally deserves to be there. However, she has let Will play her from the beginning – and it cost her James’ loyalty and faith; and it’s probably going to cost her some pride in the end. I think she really thinks she and Will are falling in love… But Will has made it clear to the internet viewers and to Boogie that he’s dedicated to Erin (his girlfriend) and he’s not about to screw that up. He thought he was playing this “flirtmance” with someone who knew it was a game – seems he’s a better player than even he though.

And Erica. Erica, Erica, Erica – what are you THINKING? You put Danielle up and let her get voted out while Will and Boogie sit there laughing at you for being so gullible. They’ve brought you to the final four with them because you’re so easily manipulated with your desperation for a happily-ever-after. Boogie is playing you – big time! It’s a well thought out plan and he started before the show, and she’s fallen for it hook, line and sinker. This is another one that’s going to feel like a real fool when she sees the show. Will deserves to win. Again. He has been running the game from the day he walked in the door – he’s played the exact same game he won with and he’s so good at it that a house full of All Stars fell for it all over again.

Obviously, my pick is Will…